Mermaids have been a part of folklore for centuries in many countries around the world. While children are often enthralled by tales of mermaids and the sea, there are many adults who continue to be fascinated by them and enjoy decorating their homes and lives with mermaid memorabilia.

From out of the many cheap, tacky ideas, there are some wonderful, artistic, practical and even quirky gifts for mermaid lovers out there. Here are a few, to save you scrolling through hundreds of web pages.


Jewelry presents an opportunity to choose a sensational gift for mermaid lovers. Jewelry designers use a wide variety of materials and stones providing different textures to create stunning pieces.

You can choose from a range of earrings, necklaces, pendants, rings, pins and medallions. You can go to you jeweler if you want a custom and unique piece for a friend or loved one. Meanwhile, to inspire you, Etsy and Buzzfeed have presented some outstanding ideas.


There are some beautifully crafted lamps on the market, often designed for the mermaid’s tail to light up. Craftsmen use stained or painted glass and even coral for elaborate, and sometimes very intricate, tail designs.

Many mermaid lamps are ornamental, providing a wonderful accent or focal point for a room. Yet they also provide illumination.  Here’s some inspiration.

Ornaments and Sculptures

If you really want to spoil someone, you cannot go wrong with a mermaid sculpture or ornament. Smaller ornaments for the home can be made of cast iron, bronze, ceramic or stone and can be hung on a wall or be free standing.

Larger sculptures are available for outdoors. They can be made of stone or cast aluminum, which doesn’t rust. Surprise your friend with a mermaid sculpture to add a touch of class to their swimming pool area.

Once again, Etsy provides inspiration beyond the norm. Or check out some of these beauties.

Other great outdoor gifts include mermaid weather vanes and birdbaths.

Home Accessories

There are hundreds of gift ideas for home accessories that can really complete the look for your mermaid loving friends. People can outfit their entire homes with mermaid accessories right down to the smallest details. Some mermaid gift ideas in this area might include:

  • Treasure keepers
  • Seashell compacts for makeup
  • Hand mirrors
  • Candle holders
  • Bookends
  • Mugs and glasses
  • Bottle openers
  • Pocket knives
  • Key chains and key rings

Bathroom Accessories

A bathroom seems one of the most obvious places for a mermaid in the home. You won’t be disappointed, because there is a good variety of accessories to choose from. Think towels, towel rails, small sculptures, soap dishes, cabinet handles, toilet flush handles, even cabinet knobs. Houzz provides some wonderful examples.


You could always play it safe with a gift for your mermaid loving friend by buying a print to brighten up any space. The range is vast and full of color and interesting details. Fine Art America is a good place to start, as is

We have merely touched the surface of gifts available for a mermaid lover. You can’t go wrong with choosing a unique piece of artwork. But by all means contact a mermaid enthusiast for more information on mermaid culture, folklore, artwork, statues and sculptures.

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