In Balintore Scotland sits a mermaid on a rock on the beach.   The rock itself has a name –  ‘Clach Dubh’, meaning black rock in Gaelic.   The mermaid statue atop ‘Clach Dubh’ is known as The Mermaid of The North.  ( map )

Mermaid of the North.

Mermaid of the North. Photo © by Astra Bryson.

“Mermaid of the North” is an apt name for this mermaid sculpture, as indeed it is the northernmost mermaid statue we have found in the United Kingdom.   Created by Steve Hayward in 2007, the 10’ bronzed wood mermaid statue has been placed so that her tail is covered by water at high tide.  The tidal range here is more than 10′, as you can see in some of the photos.

The Mermaid of the North is part of the area’s Seaboard Sculpture Trail, which includes several other sculptures related to the sea, such as giant salmon.

She was damaged in 2012 by a severe storm. She was made from wood and resin originally, and simply was not strong enough to withstand the storm.  She was replaced in 2014 with an identical permanent bronze cast statue, based on popular appeal and a grant.  Many in the community consider the sculpture an important asset for tourism, and she brings significant tourist business to the community.

There are at least 2 other locations with mermaids even further north – one in Norway and one in Finland.

In addition to the Mermaid of the North, there are two other sculptures with mermaid statues in Scotland:


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