Daydream Island is just over half a mile long and about 600 feet wide, on the northeast coast of Australia, close to the Great Barrier Reef.   On the northeast tip of the island you would until March 2017 have found 3 mermaids soaking up the sun.  Unfortunately, hurricane Debbie washed two of the mermaids out to sea on March 28th, and washed the third mermaid off her perch. map

Daydream Island Mermaids

The 3 mermaids on Daydream Island. Photo by Cam Pegg.

The mermaid statues were named Serenity, Aphrodesia and Infinity, representing respectively mind, body and spirit.   They were created by David Joffee.

Daydream Island Resort and Spa pretty much takes up the entire island.   The resort is split in two – one part on the north end of the island, the other on the south end, with the middle being mountainous rock rising up about 150 feet from sea level.   It is a tropical paradise, with more than a touch of a mermaid theme.

After Cyclone Debbie, the island is being renovated, and has been closed while the $50 million renovations job is being done.  So for now, make your travel plans to another spot – but definitely check back.   Traveling is good for the spirit, mind and the body.

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