Mermaid statue at Forest Lawn Cemetery in Glendale, California – replica of The Little Mermaid statue by Edvard Eriksen.  ( map )

Forest Lawn Mermaid

The Little Mermaid – replica of Edvard Eriksen’s famous statue in Copenhagen, Denmark

Forest Lawn is the final resting place of hundreds of celebrities – Errol Flynn, Michael Jackson, Elizabeth Taylor, Spencer Tracy, just to name a few – and is an exquisitely beautiful location with a museum and a very impressive collection of fine art, including over 1500 statues on the Forest Lawn grounds.   This copy of The Little Mermaid statue was placed here by British actress Greer Garson in memory of her mother.

This is one of the many copies of Edvard Eriksen’s original mermaid statue placed in Copenhagen harbor in 1913.

These are the copies of this statue that I am aware of:

The Little Mermaid (Copenhagen, Denmark)
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