In the Parque Europa on the east side of Madrid in Spain is a near-replica of Edvard Eriksen’s mermaid statue The Little Mermaid.   ( map )

The Little Mermaid statue in Parque Europa

The Little Mermaid statue in Parque Europa. Photo by Andrés Moreno.

There are some differences from the original statue, notably the facial features.

The park is lavishly landscaped and has scale model replicas of 17 monuments throughout Europe plus an original piece of the Berlin Wall.   Monuments represented include London Bridge, Michelangelo’s David, Dutch windmills, the Eiffel Tower, The Little Mermaid statue and 12 others.

This is one of the many copies of Edvard Eriksen’s original mermaid statue placed in Copenhagen harbor in 1913.

These are the copies of this statue that I am aware of:

The Little Mermaid (Copenhagen, Denmark) 
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