On the grounds of Carlsberg Breweries in Copenhagen sits another copy of Edvard Eriksen’s The Little Mermaid statue, in the center of a small water fountain.  ( map )

The Little Mermaid

Replica at Carlsberg Breweries of The Little Mermaid statue. Photo by David Barber.

This mermaid statue is half the size of the original.

The inscription reads:

Den Lille Havfrue
Kopi af den originale Havfrue på Langelinie, udført af billedhuggeren Edvard Eriksen.
Doneret of Carl Jacobsen til byen København 1913.
Kopien er fremstillet af hofbronzestøbe Poul Lauritz Rasmussen i 1937.
The Little Mermaid
Replica of the original Little Mermaid at Langelinie sculpted by Edvard Eriksen.
Donated by Brewer Carl Jacobsen to the city of Copenhagen in 1913.
The replica was done by royal bronze caster Paul Lauritz Rasmussen in 1937.

This is one of the many copies of Edvard Eriksen’s original mermaid statue placed in Copenhagen harbor in 1913.

These are the copies of this statue that I am aware of:

It is one of the many twin-tailed mermaid statues.

The Little Mermaid (Copenhagen, Denmark) 
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