In the south of Brazil you will find an unusual mermaid statue in the coastal town of Barra Velha in Costão dos Náufragos.  map

Mermaid statue in Barra Velha

Mermaid statue in Barra Velha. Photo © by Elaine Schug.

The statue represents a mermaid named Janaína, daughter of Iemanjá/Yemoya, a goddess in the Umbanda and Yoruba religions.  Yemoja is a patron spirit of women, especially pregnant women, and the ocean. Her name is a contraction of the Yoruba words “Yeye omo eja” which means “Mother whose children are like fish.”

It was made by José Cristóvão Batista in 1990.

The statue holds a giant clamshell, and can often be seen with items offered in the shell.


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