The small Ponte delle Sirenette (Bridge of Mermaids) by Francesco Tettamanzi was inaugurated on June 23rd in 1842 on the Naviglio della Martesana (Martesan Canal) on the San Damiano road (now called via Visconti di Modrone) in Milano (map).   It was moved to the heart of Parco Sempione in 1930 as part of a larger preservation effort.  map

Ponte delle Sirenette.

Ponte delle Sirenette. Photo © by Michele Fini.

Originally installed as a bridge across the canal, the Ponte delle Sirenette was part of the city life until it was moved into the park.    It features in literature and novels – one can see how it could lend itself to intrigue, mystery and romance in its original location.

Ponte delle Sirenette Ponte delle Sirenette, notturna

Ponte delle Sirenette il ponte delle Sirenette in via Visconti di Modrone

In the new location, just over a mile from the original location, the Bridge of Mermaids is under a canopy of trees and spans a narrow section of lake inside the park.  It is a beautiful setting for the bridge and its four mermaid statues, known as the Ghislini Sisters.   After 170 years of watching life in Milano, they must have some stories to tell.

With a flair for romance and an appreciation of bygone times, this scene was observed on the Bridge in recent times.

Ponte delle Sirenette

Old-fashioned romance on the Ponte delle Sirenette. Photo © by Matilde Lamperti

A video on the history of the bridge is available – although in Italian only.

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