In a beautiful setting on the Concho River in San Angelo sits the Pearl of the Conchos, a mermaid statue offering a Concho pearl as a gesture of welcome to the city.  ( map )

Pearl of the Concho Mermaid Statue

San Angelo’s Pearl of the Concho Mermaid Statue, by Jayne Charless Beck.  Photo © by Jeff G. Rottman.

The bronze statue is an enlargement of Jayne Charless Beck’s original mermaid sculpture.   Jayne was a San Angelo resident artist, who passed away in 1993.   In 1994 this bronze casting was donated by friends of Jayne Beck to the City of San Angelo, and was placed next to a pedestrian bridge close to the San Angelo Museum of Fine Art.

In this area, a freshwater mussel species produces lustrous pearls in many colors, famous since the time of the Spanish conquistadors.

The plaque near the mermaid statue states:


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