On the Pacific side of Acapulco where the hills and mountains meet the sea, a road follows the shore past Sinfonia del Mar – literally Symphony of the Sea.   It is an amphitheater built into – or carved out of – a mountain promontory, affording a fabulous view of the Pacific as it meets the mountains of Acapulco.  Near the top of the amphitheater is a mermaid statue and a dolphin.  ( map )

Mermaid & Dolphin at Acapulco's Sinfonia del Mar

Mermaid & Dolphin at Acapulco’s Sinfonia del Mar. Photo by aimeric@acapulco.

The mermaid statue was created by sculptor Marco Rivero and installed in this location in 2006.

The location is famous not only for the symphonies staged regularly in the amphitheater, but also for its spectacular sunsets.

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