In the year 2000 this fabulous bronze mermaid statue arrived at Port Canto in Cannes, on the French Riviera.  map

'Atlante' Mermaid sculpture in Cannes.

‘Atlante’ Mermaid Statue in Port Canto, Cannes. Photo © by Amaryllis.

She was created by French sculptor Amaryllis, who granted an interview in March this year.

“Atlante was placed in Cannes in the year 2000.  She is a mermaid who has come to us out of the sea at the turn of the century.  She considers the losses of the last century and looks into the new century.   She is strong and brave, and determined to face the coming storms and to help us undo the damage caused by the poisoning of the oceans and the senseless hunting that threatens many marine species.   She is the only sculpture to have been allowed in the waters of the port of Cannes.

“Like most of my mermaids she has legs, and is not the usual mermaid with a tail (or two).   She is out of the water and is adapted to this environment while she is here, but she still retains mermaid characteristics, such as the scales and vestigial fins, and attire that is clearly of the sea.

“She has been there for near 13 years now, alone on her rock.   I am considering whether I should add a dolphin companion.   In the late 1960′s a wild dolphin became famous for staying in the Cannes Harbor, and for a couple years was a sort of mascot for the city.   I would be nice to bring him back as a companion for Atlante.”

The ‘Atlante’ statue is lifesize ( 5′ 10″ ) and is located on her own large rock just off the end of the pier.  She is also referred to by locals as Amphitrite (Queen of the Seas and wife of Poseidon in Greek mythology).   See also the other mermaid sculpture named Amphitrite on Grand Cayman Island.

With her message of ocean and nature conservation, the ‘Atlante’ mermaid statue is part of a strong movement for preservation of our natural resources.