Sirena, GuamThe Chamorro culture of Guam has an old folk tale about Sirena of Guam.  The legend is preserved also with a statue in Sirena Park.  map

The statue commemorates the local Chamorro legend of the young girl Sirena who loved to swim in the river so much that she at times would swim instead of doing her chores.  One day while swimming instead of gathering coconut shells Sirena’s grandmother became impatient and blurted out the curse “If Sirena loves to swim so much, she should be a fish”.  Overhearing this, Sirena’s godmother quickly amended the curse by adding “Leave the part of her that belongs to me as human”.

Sirena transformed into a mermaid as a result of this modified curse.  Her grandmother instantly regretted her curse and tried to take it back, but was unable to do so, and Sirena said farewell and swam out to sea so as not to be caught by fishermen.

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