The International Peace Gardens in Salt Lake City contain contributions from twenty six countries.  Among these, from Denmark, is a bronze replica of Edvard Eriksen’s  mermaid statue, The Little Mermaid, although at about half the size of the original. ( map )

SLC's The Little Mermaid

The Statue of The Little Mermaid in Salt Lake City. Photo by Nancy & Glen Carlson

The International Peace Gardens was the third place to receive permission from the Danish King and the artist, Edvard Eriksen, to have a copy of the famous mermaid statue, which was placed there on June 5th 1955 (Danish Constitution Day).

The statue has been stolen twice, latest in 2010, but was recovered on both occasions.

This is one of the many copies of Edvard Eriksen’s original mermaid statue placed in Copenhagen harbor in 1913.

These are the copies of this statue that I am aware of:

The Little Mermaid (Copenhagen, Denmark)
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