Near the Littlebrook D power station in Dartford England is a large mermaid statue made almost entirely of recycled materials.  map

The Dartford Mermaid Statue.  Photo © by Ian Simpson

The Dartford Mermaid Statue. Photo © by Ian Simpson

The statue stands about 9 meters tall, and the mermaid measures about 14 meters from head to tail.

The materials used in her construction include old copper hot water tanks, recycled galvanised wire and stainless steel, reclaimed factory floor, crushed concrete boulders and disused natural stone.  The use of recycled materials was meant to symbolize conservation and harmony with nature.

She is resting on a small island above an underwater structure which forms a freshwater “reef” style refuge for aquatic life in the lake.  Also, the island was planted to further encourage wildlife.

She was started by William Jordan in 2009 and finished in 2011.

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