On the edge of the mountains in Schlosspark (Castle Park) in Weinheim, Germany, you will find one of the Ama mermaid statues by Amaryllis, placed here through the Amaryllis Art for Charity project.  map

Ama du Parc mermaid sculpture

Ama du Parc mermaid statue. Photo courtesy of Amaryllis.

The Amaryllis Art for Charity project was created by Thomas Noor, using the Ama statue created by Amaryllis.   These statues are placed in prominent and beautiful locations near the ocean, and are for sale with approximately one third of the sales price going to a local charity.

There are unique touches to each of the statues, such as the patina chosen, the inscription with the name and the coordinates, and the item at at Ama’s feet.

Amaryllis said of the statue:

She left her underwater world to connect with mankind and alert us that we are damaging her environment.  She wants to explain that water is the cradle of life, the ultimate necessity to assure humanity’s own existence.  As she arrives on more and more shorelines, it is our belief that she will gain a louder voice and will help make the point that we must respect her home.

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