Mermaids have held a special place of both mystery and enchantment in people’s minds for centuries and that continues to this day. Mermaids and their famed beauty have long been the subject of literature, artwork, fairytale and fantasy. They represent the unexplored mysteries of the oceans and also our desires as humans to transform and transport ourselves.

All over the world, events are held to honor and enjoy mermaids. Some merely bear the name, like mermaid swimming events. Others offer opportunities for enthusiasts to indulge in mermaid artwork, history, culture, crafts, curios, souvenirs and activities.

Here are some awe-inspiring mermaid events forenthusiasts and devotees to look forward to in 2017.

March Mermaid Madness – Ventura Harbor Village, CA

blonde-mermaid-swimming-in-waterMarch is the month of mermaids at Ventura Harbor Village in the stunning seaside town of Ventura, California, only a two-hour drive from downtown Los Angeles.The annual March Mermaid Madness offers classes, artwork, crafts, sales, fashion, activities, food and a parade. The entire harbor transforms to delight the senses of every mermaid lover lucky enough to attend.

The 35th Annual Mermaid Parade – Coney Island, NY. June 17th

Coney Island in New York state is world renowned for its unique fun and attractions. Throw 35 years’ worth of mermaid fun into the mix and you’re sure to experience something super memorable. 2017’s Mermaid Parade is on June 17th. There will be activities ranging from family enjoyment through to some partial nudity events. People dress up in handmade costumes, there’s an annual Merman King and Mermaid Queen, and you’ll see outstanding representations of mermaids in all forms. This is a big summer-starting cultural event supported by the City of New York.

March of the Mermaids – Brighton, England – July 15th

Mermaids are beloved the world over. After all, they travel the oceans. On the other side of the pond, Brighton in England will host its fifth annualMarch of the Mermaids. The British are superb at combining both pageantry and quirkiness in a way that makes everyone feel so welcome. This mermaid event draws deliriously happy crowds. Best of all, it’s for a good cause, raising awareness and funds for ocean conservation. The best place for keeping your finger on the pulse is its Facebook page here.

Mermaid Fest – San Marcos, TX – September 6th-18th

This one’s a real whale of an event. Come September 2017, cowboys will have to move over as San Marcos in the Lone Star State gets invaded by a tsunami of all things mermaid. The San Marcos Mermaid Society reveres the mermaid as the guardian of its river and people. With a ball, a parade, concerts, games and food, this event is sure to have something for all walks – I mean swims – of merfolk.

Weeki Wachee Springs – Spring Hill, FL

If you can’t make these other mermaid events, Florida’s tiny town of Weeki Wachi (it has 12 permanent inhabitants!) has a big theme park attraction all year round. Come see beautiful mermaids swimming around its crystal clear waters for three shows daily. Plus there are so many other attractions for the whole family. A great mermaid vacation beckons!

I hope to see you at these wonderful and fun mermaid events this year! If you can’t be at them, there is always the American Museum of Natural History in NYC, open all year with its magnificent mermaid displays and information.